Until today, you have lived under Fear-Based Management:

  • You’ve been directed to throw people under the bus.
  • You’ve been told to shame your colleagues.
  • You’ve been coached to withhold information to make a show of power.
  • You’ve been rewarded for nastiness because you “get stuff done.”
  • You’ve been promoted for cutthroat behavior.
  • You’ve been taught that sneaky game playing is the way to rise to the top.
  • You’ve been recognized for your actions regardless of how unethical the path was.
  • You’ve been shut down for sharing a different point of view.
  • You’ve been humiliated for no explainable reason.
  • You’ve been shamed for not knowing how to play the game.
  • You’ve been made to feel bad about your lack of expertise in a new area.
  • You’ve been obligated to lay off staff without being given a compelling justification.
  • You’ve been disregarded when you highlight the fault in the 5-year strategic plan.
  • You’ve been charged with delivering the plan, without tools or support.
  • You’ve been held accountable for the failure of a project that was led by the favored one.
  • You’ve been used as the scapegoat time after time.

Today is a new day.  Say hello to Compassionate Management.

Effective immediately:

  • You are awarded for kindness.
  • You are promoted for collaboration.
  • You are recognized for partnership.
  • You are supported in questioning the plan.
  • You are given the tools you need to succeed.
  • You are expected to be respectful at all times, with every level of associate.
  • You are authorized to offer help.
  • You are obligated to share ideas
  • You are welcome to bring your whole self to work.
  • You are invited to laugh with each other repeatedly.
  • You are encouraged to take breaks that nourish your creativity and energy.
  • You are allowed to work the hours that make the most sense for your deliverables.
  • You are aware of and supported by the healthy hierarchy.
  • You are advocated for.
  • You are nurtured to bring your best work forth.
  • You are treated with humanity.

What would happen if we, and everyone we know, began to practice Compassionate Management – without discussion or permission?

  1. We’d replace Fear with Integrity
  2. People would begin to Trust each other
  3. Trust greases the wheels so productivity and creativity would increase.

That sounds scrumptious.  Let’s do it, shall we?