To: The Department Head
From: Rena DeLevie, Business Coach and Management Expert (aka Chief Compassion Officer)
Re: Measurable Results


The context:
I once went to a 2-day training workshop at management training center and I walked out thinking prefab cookie-cutter responses were the way to go. That didn’t last long.

What does last long is Business Coaching; a management expert who guides team members (individually) to find their most diplomatic, politically appropriate, mutually beneficial approach to succeeding at their job. Without this training, people often let their emotions lead their actions; a disaster in the workplace for sure.

The model:
6-8 sessions per day, same day each week, open to all regardless of level, role, or tenure, for 12 weeks. Call it Business Coaching and they’ll come.

The top 4 benefits:

  1. The team feels valued. They recognize you’re willing to invest in them and they step up their game.
  2. The Coach acts as a subtle accountability partner.
  3. The Coach gains insight into how the department is working and shares that with you to help guide departmental evolution as is needed.
  4. It’s bonding. I’ve seen team members offer their session time to colleagues who are going through a rough patch.

The Result:
It’s inspiring to work with a team and witness how they shift from angry mob to partners; from terrified mice to quietly confident collaborators; from nasty pants divas and divos to considerate divas and divos. (Let’s be real.) I’ve seen this happen in the many companies where I provide this service.  It’s powerful and truly effective.

It’s management training, team building, and operational efficiency rolled into one.

The Call To Action:
Truly effective management can only be learned as we do it. An outside Coach will expedite this learning curve. She’ll help course correct real-time, define management tools the associates can use ongoing, and bring lasting camaraderie to your department.

Take action by calling Rena at (917) 362-0061, or email