Working Together

Management Coaching Truly effective management can only be learned as we do it. Associates will be able to course correct real-time, define management tools they can use ongoing, and bring lasting camaraderie to your department.

Compassionate Management Training Workshop Attendees learn the 10 tools of Compassionate Management and how to apply them to real-life situations. This is an interactive, experiential workshop where attendees leave with the ability to implement Compassionate Management immediately.

Webinars Watch from home, the office or on the plane; live or recorded. Webinars can be custom topics or pick from our library.

Creative Operational Efficiency Analysis Bring order to the chaos of creativity. We guide associates to share factual insights, as well as emotional experiences, and convert that information into a map towards progress that addresses best practices and emotional intelligence.


There’s nothing like raucous laughter to help people internalize a new approach to management and partnership. We discuss real-life situations and experience how compassion & accountability can be used to clarify, expedite, and deliver great results. Topics include these top 4 requested presentations:

  1. Not Taking It Personally Attendees learn the formula for Not Taking It Personally and how to implement it with effective and diplomatic results, even when furious.
  2. Managing Up, Down, and Across The mindset of management is seeded. Scripts are created by the attendees, and become default language for managing up successfully.
  3. Communicating Effectively Awareness of how tone of voice, body language and content can affect us, and others, and the ways in which we can manage our communication most effectively.
  4. The Path to a Seat at the Leadership Table Attendees learn the tools with which to perform at a higher level.