Working Together

Business Management Workshops and Coaching

  1. Start with 2 workshops on the basics of Compassionate Management. Attendees learn the 10 tools of Compassionate Management and how to apply them to real-life situations. This is an interactive, experiential workshop where attendees leave with the ability to implement Compassionate Management immediately.
  2. Implement Compassionate Management via weekly sessions with 6 associates. Each receives (1) 50-minute coaching session for 12 consecutive weeks to build momentum and expedite the learning curve. Sessions are open to all regardless of level, role, or tenure. Often the framework is 2-3 required associates, and 3 open spots. No one knows who is required, which leaves space and freedom for the required associates to grow without an audience. It’s effective to take this under the radar approach because it gives management insight into who is committed to growing within the organization and who is not invested.

Bottom line

The cost of attrition is 50-75% of a person’s salary that goes towards recruiting, interviewing, hiring, orientation and training, lost productivity, potential customer dissatisfaction, reduced or lost business, administrative costs, lost expertise and damage to the company’s reputation.

Additional benefits

  • Expedited work product because of lowered, or eliminated, walls and defenses.
  • Feedback accepted and embraced. Often, Rena has credibility to the person being coached. This is because a direct report may feel that his manager may have her own agenda and career at heart. No matter how great a manager is, there’s likely some truth to this.
  • Rena gains insight into what the team is experiencing on a daily basis and
    translates that into actionable items for senior management. When we don’t know what the team is truly experiencing, we run the risk of continuing to make the same mistakes without knowing we’re doing this, which drives people away and leaves management wondering what happened.
  • Rena will teach junior members, and sometimes middle management, about the concept of business. Not necessarily what the specific product is in the specific company, but a deeper understanding of business in the world. Why businesses exist, what makes a successful business, and where the associate fits into this picture. This is a rarely taught subject that, when understood, results in higher levels of appreciation for senior management’s goals, pressures, and tough decisions. It also results in junior associates feeling a deep sense of loyalty to a company, the owner, and the product. They begin to see that they are part of something larger than they realized and deliver at a higher level.


Presentations and Workshops

Laughter helps people internalize a new approach to management and partnership while also taking it seriously. We discuss real-life situations and experience how compassion & accountability can be used to clarify, expedite, and deliver great results. Presentations can be custom topics or pick from our library; these are the top 4 requested presentations:

  1. Not Taking It Personally Attendees learn the formula for Not Taking It Personally and how to implement it with effective and diplomatic results, even when furious.
  2. Managing Up, Down, and Across The mindset of management is seeded. Scripts are created by the attendees, and become default language for managing up successfully.
  3. Communicating Effectively Awareness of how tone of voice, body language and content can affect us, and others, and the ways in which we can manage our communication most effectively.
  4. The Path to a Seat at the Leadership Table Attendees learn the tools with which to perform at a higher level.

Webinars Watch from home, the office or on the plane; live or recorded. Webinars can be custom topics or pick from the library.