You know when you’re writing an email, sitting there, biting your lip, editing it repeatedly, trying to figure out how to phrase it?

Get up. Walk over. Say hi.

While you’re walking over, or dialing, think about what the recipients’ challenge is.  Why did she do that thing you’re trying to respond to? If you want a knock out screaming fight, go for it. If you want a resolution, embrace BOD, Baby.  Benefit of the doubt.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the moment, we forget that we’re working with humans.  Humans are by nature faulty.  We make mistakes, we wallow in our own agenda, and we say stupid things. Some people are malicious, but most of us aren’t.  We’re just caught up in the moment, our moment – which is very likely different from your moment.  That’s the other thing about humans. We all experience different moments, even when were sitting together.

The more we connect as human beings, recognizing that we’re each trying our best, the more creative, calm and productive our work environment will be.

When you’re having trouble writing an email it’s because you need to talk with the intended recipient.

Go for it.