Business Coach: a management expert who will guide each person to find his or her most diplomatic, politically appropriate, mutually beneficial approach to succeeding at their job. 

The model:
We start with a 2-hour workshop to familiarize participants with the concept of compassionate management. Then we dive into six (1) hour sessions per day, same day/time each week per department, for 12 weeks. The sessions are open to all – regardless of level, role, or tenure. It’s in-person or via phone.

The top 4 benefits:
1. The associates feel valued, they recognize you’re willing to invest in them and they immediately want to deliver a return on this investment. This means we partner to define tools to help them deliver great product, as well as find their most diplomatic, politically appropriate, mutually beneficial approach to succeeding at their job. This often results in the elimination of fear, insecurity, and resentment, and the need for constant outside validation. Work quality increases, natural leaders take on higher levels of contribution, eternally unhappy folks self-select, and collaboration is the norm.
2. It’s bonding. I’ve seen associates offer their session time to colleagues who are going through a rough patch.
3. I act as a subtle accountability partner.
4. I gain insight into immediate, short and long-term paths to help guide departmental evolution, which I can then lead and implement as needed.

It’s management training, team building and operational efficiency all-in-one.

“Without Rena’s skill, I would never have been able to rediscover my passion for the work I do.”  – Kevin Olinger, Deputy Director, NYC Department of City Planning

Image by by Stéphanie Kilgast