What in the heck. 

  Liz* gave a short presentation on the benefits of internal coaching by an external consultant. She spoke of the unnecessary expenses that come with creative and non-creative associates not getting along. Instead of spending 50% per…

The Missing Candidates Are Right In Front Of You

I have half a dozen clients searching for jobs and bumping into walls of ageism. They ask me for guidance: should they eliminate dates from their resume; should they try to dress younger; should they remove college from their LinkedIn profile?…
Credit:Vasyl Dolmatov

You Are More Than Your Job

Have you had that moment where suddenly it all becomes clear why you're here and what you're meant to be doing? If you have, you're part of the .00001 percent of the world who has. Everyone else, listen up as we walk on the winding road…

I Yam What I Yam

A few years ago, I was at a dinner with a client and a few other consultants. We had just completed delivering a successful conference and were celebrating. As the wine bottles emptied, we joked with each other about our different styles of…

It’s Both

I talk a lot about coexisting truths and I want to emphasize the healing power in this approach to life. How would you describe your job? How was your day today? How was that meeting? We tend to use one word answers to these questions, yet…
Credit:Oleksandr Shchus

Do You Know When To Share Gossip?

The first time I was trusted with information about someone’s poor performance review, I came really close to warning her. I remember the relief when I heard that they had changed their minds and she was fine. I also remember the flood of…
Credit:Tahir YILDIZ

The Fall of the Dark Empire

Until today, you have lived under Fear-Based Management: You’ve been directed to throw people under the bus. You've been told to shame your colleagues. You've been coached to withhold information to make a show of power. You’ve…
Credit:Banphote Kamolsanei

Angry Resting Face

In our society, there are socially acceptable “norms” for how the face should look during difficult conversations, at a funeral, or when working through a challenging math problem.  It makes sense that being uncomfortable would show in…

Anxiety About Anxiety Causes Anxiety

There was an 8 year old crying at after school pick up today.  She was almost hysterical, racing back and forth, saying she wanted to go home, and that she was afraid. I asked the counselor what was going on and it seemed the young girl had…