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You Are More Than Your Job

Have you had that moment where suddenly it all becomes clear why you’re here and what you’re meant to be doing? If you have, you’re part of the .00001 percent of the world who has. Everyone else, listen up as we walk on the winding road to clarity. Knowing who we are and how we […]

I Yam What I Yam

A few years ago, I was at a dinner with a client and a few other consultants. We had just completed delivering a successful conference and were celebrating. As the wine bottles emptied, we joked with each other about our different styles of presenting and we laughed and teased in a good-natured way. I laughed […]

Bite Size Garbage

“The food is bad and the portions are too small.” This yiddish phrase captures how a lot of people feel when they’re looking for work and get a ridiculous offer. Ridonculous is how a client referred to it recently. It can be tempting to take anything that comes along. Sometimes any income source is better […]

It’s Both

I talk a lot about coexisting truths and I want to emphasize the healing power in this approach to life. How would you describe your job? How was your day today? How was that meeting? We tend to use one word answers to these questions, yet life is rarely black or white.  It’s usually pretty […]

Do You Know When To Share Gossip?

The first time I was trusted with information about someone’s poor performance review, I came really close to warning her. I remember the relief when I heard that they had changed their minds and she was fine. I also remember the flood of “Holy Sh*t! I almost told her!” That would have been disastrous for […]

Managing A Junior Associate

Do you manage people who have recently entered the workforce? Are you exasperated at times? Check out my post on Cella Consulting’s blog: http://www.cellaconsulting.com/blog/managing-junior-associate/ You can read more of my posts for Cella at: http://www.cellaconsulting.com/blog/?s=rena+delevie&submit=Search

The Art of Vacation

Staycation, flight to faraway lands, or a quick drive up the coast – it’s all the same to the folks who will be in the office. Here’s the best way to go on vacation and not piss off the colleagues who will be covering for you: Set them up for success Write detailed notes about […]


In January of 1996, NYC got a 3-foot delivery of luscious snow.  I love snow – the smell, the feel, the cold air, and the quiet that accompanies it. I went to work that day and sat, resentfully lamenting being inside instead of out.  It wasn’t a productive day. It’s not easy to choose to […]

The Call To Action

MEMO To: The Department Head From: Rena DeLevie, Business Coach and Management Expert (aka Chief Compassion Officer) Re: Measurable Results _________________________________________________________________________ The context: I once went to a 2-day training workshop at management training center and I walked out thinking prefab cookie-cutter responses were the way to go. That didn’t last long. What does last long is […]

Email Paralysis

You know when you’re writing an email, sitting there, biting your lip, editing it repeatedly, trying to figure out how to phrase it? Get up. Walk over. Say hi. While you’re walking over, or dialing, think about what the recipients’ challenge is.  Why did she do that thing you’re trying to respond to? If you […]