About Compassionate Management

There are two components to a job – the creative product and the interpersonal skills. That means 50% of our performance is based on how aligned the creative output is with the strategy and the other 50% is how we connect with our colleagues, clients, and bosses. Most creative people are deeply educated about creative output and have been taught nothing about management in a creative space. That’s a crazy set up for failure and that’s why I created Compassionate Management. The core concept is to apply compassion in place of fear. We do this internally; that’s what makes it so powerful. It’s not about trying to change anyone else; it’s about shifting our own experience to make what could be a really difficult situation into a manageable one.

Compassionate Management taps into who we are, not what our job description says. Scan the 10 Innate Tools below and see if any resonate. You have each and every one of the tools inside you, waiting to be used at the office. I’ve seen it over and over; once you understand the tools and begin applying them, your perception shifts and along with it, how you feel, think and react. Suddenly you’re the colleague everyone wants to work with, no matter your title, level, or function.

The 10 Innate Tools of Compassionate Management are:

1. Be Your Self – When we show up fully and quietly confident

2. Trust Your Gut – When we trust our deepest knowing

3. Own Your Power – When we control how we respond

4. BOD, Baby – Giving others the Benefit of the Doubt

5. Not Taking It Personally – When we decide it’s not about us

6. Coexisting Truths – Opposing truths do not negate each other

7. Seen, Heard, and Understood – The universal desire

8. Tone Of Voice – Meaning changes as our intonation changes

9. Meet Your Inner Critic – Disarm the internal terrorist

10. Be Self Aware – We choose who we want to be in this world


About Rena DeLevie

Rena DeLevie is a business coach, speaker, the author of NTiP The 4-Step Formula For Not Taking It Personally, a Huffington Post columnist, and a TEDx presenter. Rena created Compassionate Management based on 30 years working with Fortune 500’s as a creative and creative operations specialist, and 14 years practicing mindfulness and mindful meditation. Her empathetic and business-focused approach has led to her being given a few nicknames including, “Hippie MBA,” “COO of the Creative Process”, “The Vault,” and “How may I help you?”

Rena works with: Art directors, print designers, web designers, UX designers, writers, editors, photographers, production artists, retouchers, front and back end developers, project management, account management, traffic management, media planners and buyers, research, finance, legal, human resources, production, procurement, planning, merchandising, buying, and IT. She’s worked with ad agencies, design studios, and Fortune 500 in-house teams in fashion retail, banking, pharmaceutical, insurance, and manufacturing corporations.

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