About Management for Millennials

We approach business with a warm heart towards people, creativity and the process, and a cold eye on the bottom $$$ line. We call it Compassionate Management. Compassionate Management taps into who we are, not what our job description says. That’s why it’s so effective across multi-generations. It connects demographics by tapping into the 10 Innate Tools that exist in each of us.

Once we understand the tools and begin applying them, our perception shifts which changes how we feel, think and react. The results that we’ve seen are ongoing collaboration, communication, and connection, which lead to increased productivity, greater creativity and loyalty.

It’s an incredibly efficient and effective methodology that positively (read $$) impacts businesses.

The 10 Tools are:

  • Be Your Self

  • Trust Your Gut

  • Own Your Power

  • Benefit Of the Doubt, Baby

  • Not Taking It Personally

  • Coexisting Truths

  • Seen, Heard, Understood

  • Tone Of Voice

  • Meet Your Inner Critic

  • Be Self Aware


Rena DeLevie is the Chief Compassion Officer. The Compassionate Management methodology is based on what Rena wished she had experienced in her 30 years with Fortune 500 companies; first as an art director for 8 years, then in Creative Operations/Management and consulting.

Her empathetic and business-focused approach has led to her being given a few nicknames including, “Hippie MBA,” “COO of the Creative Process”, “The Vault,” and “How may I help you?”

Rena has a weekly Compassionate Management column in The Huffington Post.