I love working with small, medium and large businesses.

Let me introduce myself.


Running your own business is exciting, fun and effing hard.

Let’s make it easier.

I work with small business owners to help them with their Purpose, Positioning, and Branding. Together, we:

  1. Define, edit, and write the mission statement
  2. Define the target audience
  3. Write branded copy
  4. Define a marketing strategy

My name is Rena and I bring 13 years of running my own business, 20+ years in corporate creative management, and 15 years of mindfulness and meditation. I get it.

Call me at (917) 362-0061 or rena@managementformillennials.com


Let’s dissolve the divides across generation and location and replace it with cross-communication that increases trust, creativity, and collaboration.

I created a management methodology based on 20 years with Fortune 500 companies, 13 years running my own business, and 15 years as a practitioner of mindfulness and meditation.

My books, Compassionate Management, How Ambitious Creatives Become Kick-Ass Leaders and NTiP The 4-Step Formula For Not Taking It Personally, set my reputation as a leading pioneer in compassionate management and my TEDxTalk “Using Compassion As A Business Tool,” has been used in businesses around the country as a model to radically change culture around management and how we treat one another.

Call me at (917) 362-0061 or rena@managementformillennials.com