Brilliant creatives who are inspiring managers.

Mutual respect across gender, generation, and function.

A steady flow of top-quality referrals from current and former employees.

All it takes is 2 workshops + 12 coaching sessions

My name is Rena DeLevie. In 2001, I had a post-9/11 epiphany and created Compassionate Management, a management methodology that connects compassion and accountability to help leaders deliver the bottom line with integrity. I combine 25 years with Fortune 500 companies and 15 years as a practitioner of mindfulness/meditation to show the path to eliminate the fear-based culture so prevalent in corporate America. My books, Compassionate Management, How Ambitious Creatives Become Kick-Ass Leaders and NTiP The 4-Step Formula For Not Taking It Personally, set my reputation as a leading pioneer in compassionate management and my TEDxTalk “Using Compassion As A Business Tool,” (see below!) has been used in businesses around the country as a model to radically change culture around management and how we treat one another. Let’s talk and see if Compassionate Management coaching is right for your team. Click here to contact me.