Using Compassion as a Business Tool. Wait, What?

Do you see team members trusting each other and collaborating with ease? Great! Move on. This is not the site for you.

This site is for HR, Ops, Marketing, or Finance folks who are tired of the unnecessary expenses that come with creative and non-creative associates not getting along. Instead of spending 50% per salary* towards replacing people, keep your top talent, turn your creatives into leaders, connect people of all flavors, and enjoy your alluring reputation that leads to ongoing referrals.

How? By weaving Compassionate Management methodologies into your existing culture. It’s a quick learning process, easy to implement, and it works. All it takes is 2 workshops & 12 coaching sessions.

Compassion is a business tool, no kidding, when balanced with Accountability. It’s not crystals and group hugs – it’s a tool to get people of all flavors to see each other. You don’t need to agree with each other to come up with strong solutions; you do need to understand each other’s agendas. Compassion and accountability do that.

All it takes is 2 workshops & 12 coaching sessions. Email to find out more:

* recruiting, interviewing, hiring, orientation and training, lost productivity, potential customer dissatisfaction, reduced or lost business, administrative costs, lost expertise and damage to the company’s reputation.