Dear Creative Leaders,

There are two components to our jobs – the creative product and the interpersonal skills. That means 50% of our performance is based on how aligned the creative output is with the strategy. The other 50% is how we connect with our colleagues, clients, and bosses. Most creative people are only taught the creative output piece and are left to hang re: the interpersonal skill piece. That’s such a crazy set up for failure.

Let’s zip straight to being the manager everyone wants to work for and with. That’s a Compassionate Manager. The one who incorporates both compassion and accountability in every action, reaction and interaction. It’s a management philosophy with core tenets that, when implemented, enable you to fully show up and lead with confidence. It can be fun, meaningful, and lucrative. (I love a healthy salary!) Everyone has the potential for true managerial leadership, whether you’re managing for the first time or have been for 10 years. Our style of day-to-day management evolves as we gain experience, but the foundation of compassion ensures a consistent and effective approach to bringing out the best in ourselves and in others. The result is collaboration, loyalty, and creativity that impacts brands and businesses in a meaningful (read $$) way.