Coaching contributors at every level to deliver the bottom line on-budget, on-time, on-strategy, and with integrity since 2001.

My name is Rena DeLevie. I had a post-9/11 epiphany and created Compassionate Management. It’s a management methodology that implements compassion as a business tool and blends it with accountability to dissolve the divides across generation, gender, function, role, sexuality, and location. This results in cross-communication that increases trust, creativity, and collaboration. I based this methodology on my 25 years with Fortune 500 companies and 15 years as a practitioner of mindfulness/meditation.

My books, Compassionate Management, How Ambitious Creatives Become Kick-Ass Leaders and NTiP The 4-Step Formula For Not Taking It Personally, set my reputation as a leading pioneer in compassionate management and my TEDxTalk “Using Compassion As A Business Tool,” has been used in businesses around the country as a model to radically change culture around management and how we treat one another.

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