Do you have brilliant creatives who lack management skills?

Do you have a team of people who don’t trust each other?

Do you wish there was mutual respect across gender, generation, and function?

How about challenges with retaining and finding top talent?

Compassionate Management is the creative leadership methodology that replaces the negative with trust, excitement, and collaboration. It’s a quick learning process, easy to implement, and it works. All it takes is 2 workshops, 12 coaching sessions, and real-time course-correction.

Instead of spending 50% per salary* towards replacing people, keep your top talent, turn your creatives into leaders, connect people of all flavors, and enjoy your alluring reputation. Invest in your team and they’ll invest in you.

* recruiting, interviewing, hiring, orientation and training, lost productivity, potential customer dissatisfaction, reduced or lost business, administrative costs, lost expertise and damage to the company’s reputation.